$5 off any two Tag or Tag Junior Books over $7 (Ex. 04-30-11) (costs 1 point)
$10 off any two Leapster Games over $19 (Ex. 04-30-11) (costs 2 points)

I could not get this to come up when I clicked on "Reedem Now". I had to enter my zip code and search rewards to find it. Prints to your default printer. I think you will need the full page to redeem the coupon. Enter the name of the person who is going to redeem the coupon as it prints on the page with the coupon.

Tropicana Juicy Rewards

You can find the rest of the Leapfrog coupons that are available for anyone to print here.

Thanks, Barb!

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  1. Deal Finding Chik Says:

    Thanks for always keeping us up to date on all the latest coupons! =)

  2. Steph Says:

    Sure, no problem. My pleasure...