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There is another $1 coupon under the coupon tab. I think it may have reset. I really want to try those Sweet Potato Fries, but they are not sold at my store. They look really good.

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  1. Jennifer-The Bargain Sleuth Says:

    I did not even get the option for the coupon after I voted. I went to the coupon tab but THAT coupon had not reset for me. Too bad cuz I've fallen in love with this brand!

  2. Steph Says:

    I just did it again and had no issue. It is near the top of the page after you vote. The big green banner.

  3. Katie T Says:

    Hey, Steph - Do you have a Target anywhere nearby? If so, you can check for the Alexia sweet potato fries there. That's the store where I'm able to find them. I hope you can find them ;-)


  4. Anonymous Says:

    these are sold at my walmart and target. the sweet potato fries are SO yummy.

  5. Steph Says:

    I don't have a Target any where near me. I don't have anything near me. I live in very rural area. I do have a Walmart, but they don't carry the sweet potato fries. They look great! :-)