Ex. 30 days from print
I am fairly certain this will work for everyone, if it doesn't let me know.
If you can use this, I would recommend printing it now. It is from a banner ad, and probably will not continue to work for very long.

Get Coupon

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  1. Charlene Says:

    Worked for me!

  2. Steph Says:

    Great! I was fairly certain it worked, but it probably won't for very long. When the banner gets moved it will stop working.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i'm not getting a link for the coupon

  4. Steph Says:

    Sorry, I don't think I know what you mean.

  5. Brenda in NE Says:

    Didn't work for me...but I may have used the banner ad link the other day from yahoo.mail.

  6. Annette Says:

    Weird, if you view this post in firefox, you can't see the link for the coupon. But if you switch to internet explorer, the link is there.

  7. Steph Says:

    Annette, I see it in Firefox and IE. That is a bit odd.

    Brenda, yes if you have printed it from the banner ad, you will not be able to print it. My intent was to get a link that everyone could use without hunting down a banner ad.