If you haven't checked out coupons.com in the past few days, they have added some new coupons and some have reset. (no zip)

$1 off any Two Bags of Werther's Original Chewy Caramels & Caramel Chocolates
Ex. 12-31-10
$.50 off one or more Tub or Refill of Scott Natural Flushable Wipes (Ex. 2 weeks from print)
$.50 off any one New York Brand Frozen Bread Product
$1 off any two SpongeBob Cheese Nips Products
$2 off any one bag of Purina Dog Chow Brand Dog Food Complete and Balanced or Purina Puppy Chow brand Puppy Food Complete and Balanced for Growing Puppies (any size)
Ex. 30 days from print
$3 off any Similac Infant formula (Ex. 2 weeks from print)


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