"In honor of National Flashlight Day, we have RESET our coupons so you can save on the batteries that power your flashlights!"

$1 off any Pack of Rayovac Alkaline Batteries
$3.00 off any Pack of Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries or Charger
$1 off a Pack of Rayovac 9V Batteries
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Direct Link ($1 off Alkaline)
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($3 off Rechargeable)
Direct Link ($1 off 9V)
Direct Link ($1 off your next purchase of any one pack of Rayoac Hearing Aid Batteries) (Ex. 30 days from print)

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  1. robert Says:

    Steph, I stumbled across this online. Didn't know if you'd be interested in posting it. Wanchai Ferry has a $1.50 off coupon on their home page. http://wanchaiferry.com/Default.aspx

  2. Steph Says:

    I have that one Robert. It has been there for a few months. It has not reset for me... I wish, because I love the shrimp.