COUPON ALERT: We've got 10,000 coupons for 75 cents off the new Little Debbie Peppermint Swiss Rolls! Hurry up and grab one, right through Facebook

Ex. 02-28-11-Ad prints before the coupon
"Like" them and click on the coupon tab
Only 10,000 prints

Get Coupon

Direct Link (might work)

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  1. emmetts Says:

    all gone. bummer:(

  2. Steph Says:

    It is still loading from the direct link. Is it giving you the sorry message?

  3. emmetts Says:

    it takes me to the coupon printing page but then goes to thank you send to 6 friends. so i assume its gone. :( i was just looking on your site two days ago in your search bar for little debbies and senseo pods. thank you anyways. i love your site. :)