Me, You and a BBQ Sweepstakes

"As headline sponsor of Keith Urban's Summer Lovin' Tour, KC Masterpiece® is giving YOU the chance to win a private barbecue and concert with Keith, and much more!
The grand prize includes a VIP trip to Nashville for you and three friends to attend a private backyard BBQ with Keith!

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The link for the coupon is on the page after you submit your entry
Ex. 30 days from print
Recipe for Smoky Bourbon Ribs prints after the coupon

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  1. Eve Says:

    Thanks Steph I love this BBQ sauce.

    Do you know if there is a Q like last year where you would buy the BBQ sauce or dressing etc... along with the charcoal deal? This was a great combo deal to put together, I sure hope we have this again for this summer.

  2. Steph Says:

    Hi Eve! The only one I know of right now is the free KC Masterpiece when you buy charcoal. I think there was a pork coupon also to mix with all of this last year. I need to try and hunt down that link. I am still hoping for a Kingsford Charcoal coupon. :-)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    There is a Q out on the A1 steak sauce that gives you a free kraft barbecue sauce. Hope that helps.

  4. Steph Says: