Yesterdays Parade Magazine contained various coupons and or a rebate for Prevacid 24HR.
KCPennyPinchinMama let me know that her Parade contained $6 off any Prevacid 24HR 14 or 28 count product and $10 off any Prevacid 24HR 42 count product (Ex. 03-27-10).

Parade conatined $4.00 off any Prevacid 24HR product (Ex. 3/27/2010) and a rebate for the full purchase price of up to $25.99 on any 14ct, 28ct or 42ct Prevacid 24HR purchase.

There are also printable coupons available for Prevacid 24HR
$6.00 off any 14 or 28 count box of Prevacid 24HR
$10.00 off any 42 count box of Prevacid 24HR
Ex. 30 days from print

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Using a combination of the various printables, coupons, and the rebate form from the Parade, you should be able to get a great deal on some Prevacid 24HR.

Thanks, Pam!

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  1. prevacid Says:

    Love this deal. 1) I always thought Parade was useless, so this is great news. 2) I need some new heartburn medication. 3) Oh, how I love free money. Thanks!