The game coupons that I printed ex. 04-15-10
A big ad prints before each of the coupons

If you missed any of the game coupons, they are back on the page.

$5 off one Sorry Sliders Game
$5 off one Operation Game

$5 off one Bop It Game
$4 off one Twister Game
$4 off one Connect 4 Game
$4 off one R2-D2 is in Trouble Game
$5 off one Gator Golf Game
$5 off one Elefun Game
$5 off one Hungry Hungry Hippos Game
$5 off one Monopoly Game
$10 off your choice of either one Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition or One Monopoly City Game
$4.00 off Hasbro One Hasbro BATTLESHIP game
$4.00 off one Hasbro CLUE game
$2.00 off one Playskool GLOWORM
$2.00 off one Playskool MR. POTATO HEAD Classic
$3.00 off one Playskool MR. POTATO HEAD: Toy Story
$3.00 off one Playskool WHEEL PALS Mini 4 Pack
$10.00 off one Hasbro CHUCK MY TALKING TRUCK
$5.00 off one Hasbro CHUCK & FRIENDS FOLD 'N GO Play Set
$3.00 off one Hasbro CHUCK & FRIENDS FLEET
$10.00 off one Hasbro TONKA BOUNCE BACK RACER
Buy One Get One Free Hasbro Pony Friends Single Assortments
(Not to exceed $6.99)
$2 off one MY LITTLE PONY So Soft Newborns, Family Convertible, or Ferris Wheel purchase
$5 off any Strawberry Shortcake purchase totaling $20 or more
$5.00 off one Playskool SIT 'N SPIN
$5.00 off one Playskool BUSY BALL POPPER
$5.00 off one Playskool STEP START WALK 'N RIDE
$5 off one Talkin Sid the Science Kid plush toy from Playskool
$5 Hasbro one 1st for Me BABY ALIVE doll
$5 off any Hasbro Star Wars total purchase of $20 or more
$5 off any Hasbro Iron Man 2 total purchase of $20 or more

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Thanks, Kerry & PiratesOfTheSupermarket!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any way to print the Q's without the add first? Takes a lot of ink. I printed a couple.

  2. flattsfan96 Says:

    I flipped the page over and printed a second coupon on the back page where the ad was. I don't like when they have all the extra ads. I should've done it along time ago, but just changed my printer to draft printing to save on ink. Was going to change to black and white printing, but didn't know if that is ok with stores. Some coupons do say on them that they can be either b&w or color. But I don't want to have a problem when I want to use them.

  3. Steph Says:

    I don't think there is a way to avoid the ad before the coupon. I wish there was. I too use both sides of the paper, but I know that does not help with the ink. I still print in color for the same reason as flattsfan96. My stores can be picky about coupons in general. I know several people who print in black and white and have no issues.