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Thanks, CommonSenseWithMoney & MyBrainIsInsideOut!

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Thank you for this one. I've been wanting to try this but it is expensive. Good thing it has a long expiration date - I'll keep my eye out for a good sale.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i bought it at Sam's club a while ago and it makes a perfect toppers to crackers! just heat and it melts!

  3. Steph Says:

    It sounds really good. I have never tried it. I will have to look for it now that I have a coupon.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Fred Meyer has them on sale this week for $3.99! $0.99 is a steal for brie

  5. Arielle ~ SnappyStamper Says:

    No longer available - of course, they don't tell you until AFTER you fill out form & then the message only flashes for 1 second before the form shows up again...