100 cents off any One Carton of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze
This coupon came in my email. It reads this way because it is in celebration of their 100th anniversary.
Ex. 12-27-10
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$.55 off any One Carton of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze
Ex. 10-31-10
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Thanks for the comment!

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Glad I re-read your post - I thought it was my printer with the weird lines. I had trouble yesterday printing anything from Smartsource so I was wondering if this was an error too. But thanks for the coupon - we just discovered Almond Milk - delicious!

  2. Steph Says:

    Hi, Ellen! I held off on posting that it had reset for awhile hoping that they would fix it, but they never did. I have to reboot sometimes to print Smartsource coupons. I get strange messages about Java errors. I hope your having a great summer!

  3. Karen Says:

    i love soy milk better than regular milk. the mildly sweet ones make it better than sugary cereal. plus its less calories. its a bit of a splurge but its a small change. :) (plus less toots)

  4. Steph Says:

    I have never tried the Almond Milk, but it sounds really good. Thanks for the smile, Karen!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The coupon is now only for >55 off but it lets you print two.

  6. Steph Says:

    Thank you very much!

  7. supercarrot Says:

    i printed the 2nd link today, and it expires 11/01, so i think it might be like a 60 days from print thing.

    thanks so much! i LOVE this stuff. the unsweetened is the best. (too bad they only have the unsweetened refrigerated in vanilla)

  8. Steph Says: