Update: Michael Angelo’s sent a Tweet that states they will send the coupons out in the next 24 hrs.

FYI: I did this over 45 minutes ago, and I have not received a direct message from them. I will update with the coupon info. if I receive it.

From My Email:

"Share Your Favorite Traditions on Twitter for a Free Coupon"

"We want to hear about your family traditions! Send us a Twitpic or @reply describing your family holiday gathering, and we will reward you with a coupon for a Michael Angelo’s meal to enjoy this season."

"Follow and send us an @ reply telling us your favorite holiday traditions. We'll send you a DM with a link to your free meal coupon."

Click here and log in or register (upper-right hand corner). Then click follow, to follow Michael Angelos. Click reply under their message about the free meal (leave the @michaelangelos in the box). Type your favorite tradition in the box and click reply. Click home at the top of the page. You can find the link to your Direct Messages on the right hand side of the page. I hope these instructions make sense. This was my first Tweet, and I have no idea what a Twitpic is.

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