When you join the LaVicClub, you receive a Bonus code worth 16pts. You can use the 16 points to print a $.50 coupon.

The bonus code is LaVicClubBonus

You will need to Register here, and enter the code in the first box. You can choose other for the store that you purchased the item at.

Then scroll down the page and choose the $.50 coupon for 16pts.
Ex. 01-31-10
Big ad prints after the coupon

You can find LaVicRewards Codes on the lid or the neck of all La Victoria Salsa and Taco Sauces.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why does these site want so information for a $.50 coupon. I tried to join the La Victoria web site for this coupon and had to do so many things I just gave up.