I just printed several of these, and they are normal Smartsource coupons.

$1 off 2 Orville Redenbacher's products

$.50 off any Reddi-wip Product
$1 off any two Marie Callender's frozen meals
$1 off any three Manwich products
$1 off any 3 Hunts products
$.50 when you purchase 2 Chef Boyardee Products
$.50 when you purchase any La Choy Product
$.50 when you purchase 5 Banquet Dinners

Ex. 12-31-09

Play the ConAgra Recession PayBack Game

Choose a Culprit, choose a recession fighter, and then click bring the payback.
Wait for the game to load. After you hit and poke the Culprit, you will be given the opportunity to print a coupon. Each of the characters (they are labeled, mouse over them) print a different coupon. After you print a coupon you will be taken back to the start page. Just use your back arrow to go back to the coupon page.

Get Coupons

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