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$3 off AIR WICK Scented Oil X-PRESS Warmer with Scented Oil refill
$3 off AIR WICK Scented Oils i-Motion Starter Kit
$.50 off AIR WICK Stick Ups
$1.50 off AIR WICK Decosphere Air Freshener
$4 off AIR WICK FRESHMATIC Ultra Starter Kit
$4 off AIR WICK FRESHMATIC Compact i-Motion Automatic Spray
$1 off 2 AIR WICK Aerosol
$.50 off AIR WICK Airfresh
$1.00 off two AIR WICK Aqua Essences Scented Oils Refills
$1.50 off AIR WICK Hidden Pleasures Scented Oil Warmer
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